May 5, 2012

What Blogs Are You Reading: Rachel Schurman?

This weekend is a long one for us in Queensland with our Labour Day public holiday on Monday and I can’t think of a better time to catch up on some blog reading and be introduced to a few others so I thought why not ask a few people around town what they are reading, first cab of the rank: Rachel Schurmann.

Rachel works in the Brisbane showroom of Redelman Fabrics, an agency for Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Nobilis, Ille De France, and Lanark in Australia as well as their own range of stock fabrics. Behind the scenes Rachel also designs and makes her own jewellery under the label Textilis and like most of us pins her inspiration on her Textilis Pinterest page.

So what is she reading?

5: ETC

Hopefully there is a new blog in there for you.
Happy reading or picture looking [as I do]!


  1. Rachel, we think you are great!! Keep up the good work staying in touch with fashion and trends!

  2. Yes Rachel you are fabulous and obviously such a valued employee too :)


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