April 7, 2012

Living with colour, can you do it?

I love looking at colourful interiors, but can you live in them? Especially if you don't have kids? [I say this because I think that once you have kids, colour and mess go hand in hand - more liveable]
Don’t get me wrong I love colour it’s just that every time I have a little colour [I don’t mean soft colour, I mean bold, bright colour and a mixture of it not all matchy matchy, that I can live with!] around I get tired of it quickly. I wonder if maybe it’s just not the right mix of colour, or maybe there’s not enough of it or maybe I am one of the lucky ones that gets to have colour around me every day and just need a rest in a neutral oasis when I get home, I don’t know?

I am back to my old theory, I am meant to have more than one house, one for every style and colour palette I love. What’s your take on living with colour, is it long term?

Even just looking at this image my eye doesn't know where to rest. I love it, it's fun but long term I think I would get a headache.

Love the painted ceiling. The mix of yellow, green, red and pink, I don't know.

This is as close as I think I could get to living in a colour mixed interior, get a load of that rug, sensational!

Kathryn Eileen Boyd Interior.
Alex Papachristidis Interior.

There are so many individual elements I love here. For me it's on the verge of liveable. You?

For more amazing bright and bold colour filled interiors, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/style-living-with-colour/

April 2, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Matelasse` Fabric 101

I told you it would only be one slip up, here we are another Monday and here is our Lesson 101, this week on Matelassé fabric. This is especially for my good friend Kerry who recently discovered what it was called yet still can't pronounce it....... mat-las-ay.

Matelassé is a French word meaning 'quilted', 'padded' or 'cushioned' and it is an amazing optical illusion. It has the appearance of a padded fabric yet there is no padding, it is purely the quilted stitching that provides the illusion.

Matelassé is made to mimic the hand stitched Marseilles quilts made in Provence, France and can be achieved by hand, loom or quilting machine. Commonly made using 100% cotton, Matelassé fabric and can be used for relaxed slip covered upholstery, drapery and most commonly bedspreads and the best thing is that it generally improves with every wash as it softens and relaxes.

Amazing Dwell Studio Matelasse` Duvet. Great contemporary twist in the oval design of the quilting.

Beautiful Matelasse` tablecloth.
Kravet Diamond Matelasse`

Gorgeous Matelasse` daybed duvet in the traditional shabby chic styling.

Damask Matelasse Slip Covered Upholstery.

Robert Allen Tracing Nature Colour Azure.

Robert Allen Jali Lattice Colour Slate.

Lemon cream Matelasse` upholstered occasional chair, very cute dimensions.

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