May 18, 2012

New Collections: Pierre Frey

Tonight it is cold yet again, so me and my gorgeous Molly [or Molly, Molly Moo Mah as I like to call her] are in bed under the doona, sporting my husband’s tracksuit, laptop on hand and just oozing pure style. I had no idea what I wanted to write about tonight so I was reading all my favourite blogs [still yet to be shared] and going through all my favourite fabric house websites [yes, still yet to be shared] when I came across seriously the most exciting new collection of fabrics EVER!!! I painted the whole story about being in bed because I caught a look of myself in the mirror just all plain faced, hair a muck with no real facial expression whilst the inside of me was like I had won the Lotto, backflips and somersaults everywhere, this seriously is the most awesome fabric collection ever! Weird about my outside reaction though?

So here it is, my favourite highlights from the new Pierre Frey Atmosphere collection. What do you think?
Pierre Frey Gaya - Cotton Print

Pierre Frey Gatsby - Cotton, Silk, Acrylic Jacquard

Pierre Frey Playtime - Cotton Print

Pierre Frey Angelina - Polyester Jacquard

Pierre Frey Mojito - Linen, Viscose Embroidery

Pierre Frey Darling - Embroidery on Silk Sheer

Pierre Frey Venus - Cotton Print
Pierre Frey Panarea - Printed Linen

To view more of the Pierre Frey range visit their website or my Pinterest Page

May 14, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Paisley 101

It is COLD! I have my hands wrapped around a cup of coffee just so they can thaw out enough for me to type without the message getting lost between my brain and my fingers! I know any of you overseas are thinking ‘but wait a minute isn’t she Australian and a Queenslander at that’ well before you go checking my ‘About Me’ go check the weather, it is cold!

So anyway let’s talk Paisley! Paisley for me conjures up images of heavily intricate, rust, mustard coloured patterns on throws and bedding in front of a fireplace, maybe that is why I wanted to write about it tonight! It is a stunning pattern with an interesting history. Resembling a twisted tear drop, Paisley can be incredibly intricate and colourful or plain, simple and elegant. A traditional Indian pattern, Paisley was introduced to Europe in the first half of the 17th century [interesting fact number 1: some Baltic states used it is a protective charm to ward off evil demons!].

With the onset of early textile printing, manufactures in Marseilles France began to mass produce the pattern for the European market as the East India Company couldn’t keep up with demand  [interesting fact number 2: due to an overwhelming mass of the pattern on the market the print was banned by French royal decree in 1686-1759]. 

Paisley is actually the patterns western name, derived from the town of Paisley in central Scotland. However in India the pattern is known as Mankilam, Persia as Boteh Jegheh and referred to as Persian pickles by quilt makers and Welsh pears in Welsh textiles. Today, Paisley no longer conjures images of the sixties with pattern layer upon layer but as a sophisticated pattern addition to any interior, fire place or not.

Stunning colour combination large scale Paisley. Not sure about the green occasional chair in the mix but I do love that little settee with it's shape and that pattern!
If this was my Kelly Green tone I would have it tomorrow! I love the detail, the framing on the bedspread, border on the valance and box pleats on the pelmet and of course the simple, spaced out contemporary Paisley.

Schumacher Paisley. Love the tone on tone!

This to me is what I initially think of when it comes to Paisley, beautiful soft rust, mustard and ochre colours. Traditional sophistication.

I am super symmetrical so this I love for that reason alone, let alone the fact it is awesome! Love the use of the Paisley as a bedhead drape and the colour is sensatonal, great accents.

Vanessa Arbuthnott hand printed Paisley fabric.

For more gorgeous ways to include Paisley in your interiors check out my Pinterest Page

May 13, 2012

What Blogs Are You Reading: Kerry Moriarty?

You know how sometimes in life you meet just extraordinary people? Well I think that these people come into your life for a reason, they pop up with their little skill or what it is that makes them extraordinary at just the point in your life when you’re lacking it!

For me, Kerry Moriarty is one of the many extraordinary people I know who came into my life just when I needed her. To this woman who by day manages the Zepel Fabrics Brisbane showroom and by night runs her own wholesale homewares company Moriarty & Co, writes two blogs, Moriarty & Co and the second her utmost love Bountiful Beasties, nothing is out of the question, the sky is the limit!

These are Kerry’s top 5 blogs, and for this woman of endless energy, ideas and passion they are probably only her top 5 for this week, I am sure we will revisit!

1: Peach State [This is Kerry’s amazingly talented, beautiful, long femur boned daughter Georgia, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!]

2: The House That A and M Built

3: Pure Style Home

4: Table Tonic

5: A Pair and a Spare
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