May 5, 2012

What Blogs Are You Reading: Rachel Schurman?

This weekend is a long one for us in Queensland with our Labour Day public holiday on Monday and I can’t think of a better time to catch up on some blog reading and be introduced to a few others so I thought why not ask a few people around town what they are reading, first cab of the rank: Rachel Schurmann.

Rachel works in the Brisbane showroom of Redelman Fabrics, an agency for Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Nobilis, Ille De France, and Lanark in Australia as well as their own range of stock fabrics. Behind the scenes Rachel also designs and makes her own jewellery under the label Textilis and like most of us pins her inspiration on her Textilis Pinterest page.

So what is she reading?

5: ETC

Hopefully there is a new blog in there for you.
Happy reading or picture looking [as I do]!

May 3, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Nursery

I love Blogger! It is amazing what this program can give you information wise from behind the scenes of your blog. For instance hello to my lovely readers in El Salvador [sad to admit, but I actually had to look up the map to see where you were!] amongst those in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Canada and of course the United States to name a few.

But anyway where I am going with this is that I can also look at what posts have been the most popular. Top of the list was my post ‘The ‘not yellow’ gender neutral nursery’ so I thought why not give the readers what they want and talk about nursery’s a little more, after all it is a hot topic for me with the recent news that my gorgeous girlfriend Briony and her husband are expecting their first which makes 3 new arrivals due this year!
Now by no means are these your everyday nursery, but they have some sensational fabric elements that anyone could replicate.
I love how simple this image is in how few elements there are yet the impact is amazing. I love the detail and little connecting pieces - the black and white roman blind to the white with black trim cot skirt to the black chest of drawers and the black leather stool top.

This is a definite for me! I love the simplicity in the detail, without the black frame band this cot skirt would have been un-noteable.
This nursery is crazy! It is designer by Los Angeles design firm Lucas Studio and if you didn't see the crib you certainly wouldn't think it was a nursery. I love the mixture of fabrics used [I see floral, stripe, velvet, suzani] and also the stunning bed canopy detail.

Lucas Studio Nursery

This I just adore! I am a sucker for yellow but look at the detail again, the valance matches the roman blind, the pom pom trim skirt detail and the wallpaper on the ceiling, stunning!

Isn't this just fun! I love the mix of colour and pattern, we should all have mattress valances on our cots....and our beds!

This is a little too clean cut for me but I love the matchy, matchy! The chevron occasional chair is awesome and will work well beyond the nursery and the tie back to the frame detail on the roman blind, the boxes and wallpaper, very cool!

April 30, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Quatrefoil 101

A quick little one tonight on a pattern we all recognise but have probably never known the correct term for, Quatrefoil. Meaning ‘four leaves’ Quatrefoil is a symmetrical, stylised flower with four petals made up of equal overlapping circles.

A beautiful repeated pattern when joined, Quatrefoil has popped up on many textiles recently due to the increased interest in trellis patterns, but can historically be found as a Christian symbol in religious architecture and art particularly during the gothic period.

I think the soft curves of the Quatrefoil form a beautiful, soft trellis and make a stunning, stylish cloth when printed in soft colours, your thoughts?

This is just awesome! The Quatrefoil bedspread, cushions and curtain headers teamed with the pink bordered pillows and valance. Would have loved to have seen the border repeated on the side tablecloth, oh and a pink lampshade!
Classic large scale mixed repeat Quatrefoil bedding.

I love this scale, cute and completely appropriate for this size occasional chair.

I love the little inside a big Quatrefoil on this fabric.

Two tone Quatrefoil print tablecloth
Black and white Quatrefoil drapes

Quatrefoil is popping up on all sorts of things, check out other ways to include this cute pattern in your interior on my Pinterest page

The Good Side of Yellow: Canary

Yellow is a super colour, it just makes me happy! It also happens to be the colour of choice for my future sister law as she has selected it for the stationary and accents for their upcomming wedding in September, yay!

It gives punch to a mixed colour palette, it looks great on its own backed with black, white or grey, but get the tone of your yellow wrong and it just doesn’t quite cut it. Gone are the watery, pastel yellows and in are the acidic, electric, mustard canary hues, use a little or a lot.

There is a lot going on in this image, but the first thing I see is the yellow accent pops!

Schumacher Trina Turk Trellis Print Colour Citrine
This isn't the best quality image but I still think it is sensational, large check silk drapes, yes please :)
I love how clean this image is, just black, white, grey and yellow - The one and only Kelly Wearstler

Schumacher Scollop Colour Sun
Besides this being the best upholstery example of Schumacher's Imperial Trellis, take away the acid yellow accents in this room is boring. 
Just a little makes a big statement.

Schumacher Studio Bon Textile Collection Grass Colour Sun
I wish I could make this image larger, I love the drapes with the yellow trim, that does it for me!

For more beautiful splashes of Canary yellow check out my Pinterest page
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