January 28, 2012

A little bit of colour, the Jonathan Adler way, to brighten your day!

I’m finally over it. It’s taken me days, but now my garden is once again watered to last another duration without rain I would be happy if it stopped anytime soon.

It’s the bleak grey skies, the need to have the lights on in the middle of the day and when 10 o’clock in the morning looks like 3 o’clock in the afternoon that gets to me. I become lethargic and boring and apart from eating hot chips and gravy to make the day better the only other thing that does it for me, is colour! So, this dreary afternoon I give you images from the man who I think does colour, I mean like block, bold, bright colour the best, Mr Jonathan Adler.

Malibu Dream House Designed for Barbie's 50th Birthday

Private New York Residence
Jonathan Adler's own NYC Apartment
Liz Lange Country Residence

Liz Lange Country Residence

If you're interested in more of a pick me up visit http://www.jonathanadler.com/index.php

January 27, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Pattern 101 Imperial Trellis [one of my most loved patterns]

For anyone out there thinking of writing a blog, just a heads up, the second entry is the hardest! I say this because I have a whole list of things I want to share with you over the coming months and trying to prioritise them all is a big call.
I was intending to write that the Imperial Trellis is my most loved pattern, but as my fingers hit the keys I think of all the plaids & stripes, herringbones and houndstooths that I love and find the need to re-phrase my statement. So here it is ‘The Imperial Trellis is what I consider the most timeless and elegant of patterns’.

History proves it, having originally been a pattern reserved for use in the royal palaces of eastern rulers, the Imperial Trellis had a revival in the 70’s and is once again seeing the light of day, timeless!

Courtesy of the Design Files
Courtesy of Gathering Moss
Courtesy of Decor Pad

The most commonly featured Imperial Trellis is by Schumacher for Kelly Wearstler, available as both fabric and wallpaper. However most fabric houses have their own twist on the classic.
Schumacher for Kelly Wearstler - Imperial Trellis
Robert Allen for Dwell Studio - Gate
Waverly - Lovely Lattice Jungle

If you’re interested in more ways to incorporate Imperial Trellis and other trellis patterns into your decorating, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/pattern-101-imperial-trellis/

January 26, 2012

Matchy Matchy

Now even though this may be my first post for those of you that know me don't be alarmed, I have no plans in the near future of re-decorating our lounge in matching wallpaper and fabric, I just love the concept.

Really I’m not sure if I love the concept or love the person game enough to make such a strong statement and live with it day in day out. But then again can you ever get too much of a good thing?

Think of this as a prologue

I’m predicting that everyone who clicks on here early enough to read my first post will be all my loved ones, so thank you so much for coming on, having a look and getting my page views up, I appreciate it!
As many of you know, this blog has been on my ‘to do wish list’ for over a year and finally it is coming to fruition in 2012 as are many other things. This year will see my brother who I love so dearly marry the most beautiful girl I could have ever wished him to meet, my cousin undertake her first solo overseas trip, my oldest friend marry her prince charming, the birth of our second niece or nephew and two of our closest friends welcome their first born into the world.
I hope you continue to join me throughout the year to share these moments and see Bobbin Scissors Thread grow into what I hope it to be.
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