April 21, 2012

Ivy & Piper Breaking New Ground Yet Again!

Melanie Parker and Elizabeth Raptis, the dynamic design duo of Ivy &Piper have yet again broken new ground! For these two girls from Brisbane the sky is the limit. Not only are they Interior Designers and co-founders and editors of their own online magazine Ivy & Piper but they have now added textile designers to the list.

The girls have launched a gorgeous collection of four washable  fabrics suitable for upholstery, drapery and soft furnishings. The best thing is, that even with only four patterns they have captured and provided their own interpretations of the classic Chinoiserie style, Trellis and my Favourite pattern, Houndstooth.

Chinois Soiree Textile

Don't Fret Textile

Happy Houndstooth Textile - I know it make's me happy!

Looking Glass Textile

All available to purchase through the Ivy & Piper online store.

April 16, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Fret 101

Originally I thought I would go a little left of field and amaze you with my knowledge and tackle the Japanese pattern Sayagata. Before I knew it a little research and Sayagata has turned into a whole lesson on name calling and in the end Fret patterns, so here we go.
Sayagata is a Japanese pattern made of interlocking Manji or left and right facing swastikas joined by lines to form a negative space.  One of the most popular fabrics featuring this pattern is Saya Gata by Alan Campbell.
Alan Campbell Saya Gata Occasional Chairs with Contrast Pipe in White
Alan Campbell Saya Gata Orange on Tint
Turns out however that the English term for Sayagata is Key Pattern which is also referred to as Fret which also encompasses Greek Fret or Greek Key. See I said there was a lot of name calling! Turns out Sayagata, Key Pattern, Fret and Greek Key all fall into the same category as they are all patterns made up of horizontal and vertical lines connected at right angles to each other in T, L or square cornered G shapes.
Gorgeous large scale Key Pattern occasional chairs.

Greek Key trim added as a decorative detail to the bed curtains and bedspread.

Traditional black and white Greek Key pattern scatter cushions
I do love a little colour but isin't this monochrome black and white interior fabulous!
I cannot tell you how much I love the elements in this room, the chest of drawers, the hide chair, the stunning bed frame and the cute little key trim on the bedspread repeated on what may be a mirror on the wall. Did I mention the chest of drawers?

Tradtional Greek Key drapery.

For more ways to incorporate Fret pattern in the form of Sayagata Key Pattern or Greek Key, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/pattern-101-fret/

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