January 26, 2012

Think of this as a prologue

I’m predicting that everyone who clicks on here early enough to read my first post will be all my loved ones, so thank you so much for coming on, having a look and getting my page views up, I appreciate it!
As many of you know, this blog has been on my ‘to do wish list’ for over a year and finally it is coming to fruition in 2012 as are many other things. This year will see my brother who I love so dearly marry the most beautiful girl I could have ever wished him to meet, my cousin undertake her first solo overseas trip, my oldest friend marry her prince charming, the birth of our second niece or nephew and two of our closest friends welcome their first born into the world.
I hope you continue to join me throughout the year to share these moments and see Bobbin Scissors Thread grow into what I hope it to be.

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