April 30, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Quatrefoil 101

A quick little one tonight on a pattern we all recognise but have probably never known the correct term for, Quatrefoil. Meaning ‘four leaves’ Quatrefoil is a symmetrical, stylised flower with four petals made up of equal overlapping circles.

A beautiful repeated pattern when joined, Quatrefoil has popped up on many textiles recently due to the increased interest in trellis patterns, but can historically be found as a Christian symbol in religious architecture and art particularly during the gothic period.

I think the soft curves of the Quatrefoil form a beautiful, soft trellis and make a stunning, stylish cloth when printed in soft colours, your thoughts?

This is just awesome! The Quatrefoil bedspread, cushions and curtain headers teamed with the pink bordered pillows and valance. Would have loved to have seen the border repeated on the side tablecloth, oh and a pink lampshade!
Classic large scale mixed repeat Quatrefoil bedding.

I love this scale, cute and completely appropriate for this size occasional chair.

I love the little inside a big Quatrefoil on this fabric.

Two tone Quatrefoil print tablecloth
Black and white Quatrefoil drapes

Quatrefoil is popping up on all sorts of things, check out other ways to include this cute pattern in your interior on my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/pattern-101-quatrefoil/

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