May 3, 2012

Not Your Ordinary Nursery

I love Blogger! It is amazing what this program can give you information wise from behind the scenes of your blog. For instance hello to my lovely readers in El Salvador [sad to admit, but I actually had to look up the map to see where you were!] amongst those in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, France, Canada and of course the United States to name a few.

But anyway where I am going with this is that I can also look at what posts have been the most popular. Top of the list was my post ‘The ‘not yellow’ gender neutral nursery’ so I thought why not give the readers what they want and talk about nursery’s a little more, after all it is a hot topic for me with the recent news that my gorgeous girlfriend Briony and her husband are expecting their first which makes 3 new arrivals due this year!
Now by no means are these your everyday nursery, but they have some sensational fabric elements that anyone could replicate.
I love how simple this image is in how few elements there are yet the impact is amazing. I love the detail and little connecting pieces - the black and white roman blind to the white with black trim cot skirt to the black chest of drawers and the black leather stool top.

This is a definite for me! I love the simplicity in the detail, without the black frame band this cot skirt would have been un-noteable.
This nursery is crazy! It is designer by Los Angeles design firm Lucas Studio and if you didn't see the crib you certainly wouldn't think it was a nursery. I love the mixture of fabrics used [I see floral, stripe, velvet, suzani] and also the stunning bed canopy detail.

Lucas Studio Nursery

This I just adore! I am a sucker for yellow but look at the detail again, the valance matches the roman blind, the pom pom trim skirt detail and the wallpaper on the ceiling, stunning!

Isn't this just fun! I love the mix of colour and pattern, we should all have mattress valances on our cots....and our beds!

This is a little too clean cut for me but I love the matchy, matchy! The chevron occasional chair is awesome and will work well beyond the nursery and the tie back to the frame detail on the roman blind, the boxes and wallpaper, very cool!

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