April 7, 2012

Living with colour, can you do it?

I love looking at colourful interiors, but can you live in them? Especially if you don't have kids? [I say this because I think that once you have kids, colour and mess go hand in hand - more liveable]
Don’t get me wrong I love colour it’s just that every time I have a little colour [I don’t mean soft colour, I mean bold, bright colour and a mixture of it not all matchy matchy, that I can live with!] around I get tired of it quickly. I wonder if maybe it’s just not the right mix of colour, or maybe there’s not enough of it or maybe I am one of the lucky ones that gets to have colour around me every day and just need a rest in a neutral oasis when I get home, I don’t know?

I am back to my old theory, I am meant to have more than one house, one for every style and colour palette I love. What’s your take on living with colour, is it long term?

Even just looking at this image my eye doesn't know where to rest. I love it, it's fun but long term I think I would get a headache.

Love the painted ceiling. The mix of yellow, green, red and pink, I don't know.

This is as close as I think I could get to living in a colour mixed interior, get a load of that rug, sensational!

Kathryn Eileen Boyd Interior.
Alex Papachristidis Interior.

There are so many individual elements I love here. For me it's on the verge of liveable. You?

For more amazing bright and bold colour filled interiors, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/style-living-with-colour/

1 comment:

  1. The simple answer is No I cannot live with colour! but fabulous to look at isnt it? and Yes, that rug is totally aaaaammmmaaaaazzzziiiinnggggg


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