April 9, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Kilim Fabric 101

We all know I love a tribal /traveller interior and personally I don’t think there is another fabric that conveys this feeling more than Kilim. It screams 'oh look at me, I travel the world and collect beautiful things', which is the basis for both the Martin Lawrence Bullard and Andrew Martin fabric collections, and what do they both feature? Kilim!
Originating in the Middle East with origins dating back to 2500BC, Kilim was the first step in the creation of today’s rugs. A flat woven tapestry, Kilim is produced by tightly interweaving dyed cotton or wool weft [horizontal] strands in and out of the warp [vertical] strands and then weaving them back on themselves rather than only taking it the one way across, to produce a flat surface with no pile. With no pile to protect the strands they were a fragile option for use as rugs and hence the evolution to the creation of rugs with pile. Used for a myriad of purposes including wall hangings, prayer mats, camel blankets and eating mats, today Kilims are commercially produced and are a weighty, chunky textile used in all facets of interior decoration.
What are your thoughts?

Amazing! I love the balance of the heavy Kilim upholstered sofa paired back with the plain upholstered sofa in a large uninterfering space.

Linwood Collection of Kilim fabrics

World traveller - Kilim scatter cushions with a traditional Suzani bedspread
Andrew Martin Kilim - Chinook

Beautiful Kilim upholstered ottoman, great subtle colour.

I love how I just want to look at everything in this image, the Kilim scatter cushions, dark walls and sheep skin throw just make you think it is going to be interesting. 

Beautiful tailored Kilim occasional chairs. Due to the weight and thickness of Kilim fabrics you are generally limited to more straight line or soft curve upholstery pieces.
Andrew Martin Kilim - Corrientes

Amazing Kilim bedspread, subtle colours. [Rach, this is one I would have picked you liking, am I right?]

Kilim floor scatter cushions.

Beautiful Kilim scatter cushion. Love the collection of textures in this room.

For more ways to incorporate traditional Kilim fabrics into your interior, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/pattern-101-kilim/


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  2. Haha yes you're absolutely 100% right! I love the pattern & colour mix & i love everything about the room setting xx

    1. Glad to see I am on the money - the portrait on the wall even reminds me of you :)

      Thanks for reading xoxo


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