May 6, 2012

A little Inspiration

I’m addicted to design, as I know many of you are, but you know when you look at design blogs, Pinterest pages and magazines time after time that although you’re visually pleased it gets to that point where you’re not always visually stimulated? Well recently I found that I reached that point, does that mean I'm spoilt or hard to please?

So in case any of you are also in the same boat I went through all my images in a search for those that pushed a button, which made me look more closely and go ‘yeah that is great!’, that mixed colour and pattern and were outside the ordinary.

Here they are! 

I love the mix of pattern, furniture, the spacial concept and the detailing! Look at that studing!

When you install a walpaper like this what do you compliment it with? I immediatly think soft tones, ornamental detail but this is neither, it's not the predictable and it makes me look!

I love the statement the black makes in this interior and the little, teenie, tiny connection to the black in the rug, cements it for me.

I just want to run my hands over the velvet, all over the throw oh and just lie there looking at that pendant!

Okay so at inital count I am at 9 base colours and 4 different patterns, on paper it probably wouldn't work but it does for me, just! But it made me ask the question, it made me think!

Got you thinking? I would love to hear what you think and if you have any images that have done the same for you of late?

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