May 9, 2012

The Good Side of Green: Kelly

I know I crap on all the time about loving this and loving that and this is my favourite etc. but seriously this time when it comes to colour this is my absolute favourite! Go back in time and ask me or put a reminder in your phone to ask me in the future, my favourite colour is green and the tone that hits the nail on the head every time for me is, Kelly Green, the good [better, top of the tonal list] side of green.

I am a big believer in indoor plants for one but the beautiful patchwork rug, the tark contrast of the crisp white against the fresh Kelly Green, it's fresh, clean and rich all at the same time.

Kelly Green drapes.
Viceroy Hotel Foyer by Kelly Wearstler

This is me, I wish I had a full Kelly Green velvet lounge but for now just accents and I love it.
Love the Kelly Green and black but look at that ceiling, steals the show!
This is another of those images where I just love too much! The amazing black cornice, the chandelieres, that big green parrot thing and of course the colour against all that black, white and light.

I have had this image saved for a long time. I love the frame detail in the back cushion and the mix with the soft blue/grey, just a different take.

Who said blue and green should never be seen? It's one of my favourite combinations.

Oh by the way, Kelly Green has nothing to do with Kelly Wearstler, even though she loves using this particular shade the name is said to have originated in Ireland where green was a popular colour and Kelly common name, so they married the two.
I could easily incorporate Kelly Green into every facet of my interiors, to check out some of the ideas I have collated have a look at my Pinterest page

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  1. That top image is stunnnnniiiinnnnnggggg, and yes, blue and green should be seen :) I am not a massive fan of green, except in nature but you may have talked me into the Kelly green look and white....loves it :)


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