July 4, 2012

Everything Looks Better When It's Wrapped With A Little Ribbon

Tonight I am happy, I answered a question which has been bothering me for quite some time. I know it sounds like a real revelation and when you find out what the question was it certainly isn’t ground breaking but it is a little win for me. I never knew the right way to describe the detail pictured below on drapes and blinds. I thought it might be a bordered detail or framed detail but no it is actually a ribbon detail! There you go, I said it was ground breaking!
Now as you know I do love my details and this for me is an essential on window furnishings, it’s like the drapery version of my contrast piping love on upholstery.  It can be achieved by using fabric cut down or by ribbon passamentrie and it’s a great detail.

What a beautiful detail, draws your eye straight to the blinds and what a great finsihing shape detail.

Great detail for a bathroom to add a little interest.
Rick rack ribbon detail, a little cute.
Love what this adds to such a simple interior.
Simple, simple, simple and beautiful!
Not sure what's happening with the colours here, the drape, rug and throw work together and then the wall and chair not crash on them together but do love the drape.

For more ways to incorporate a little ribbon detail, not just on drapes, check out my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/technique-ribbon-detail/

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