July 9, 2012

Great Marriages = Grey + Yellow

Grey is one of those great colours which I sort of feel is like the Goth kid at school that grows through it and is the stunner at the reunion. It’s a little misunderstood, has the connotation that it is moody, flat and boring and often overlooked, yet when bounced off its self, tone on tone or even paired with a great colour it can make for one great palette.

Pair it up with bright pink, pale pink, tangerine or any shade of yellow and you have a great colour marriage!
Regardless of the fact that I love this interior structurally, I love that they paired the very pale grey which such a strong Canary Yellow, and in particular did the ribbon trim on the drapes to draw your eye up and apprecaite the scale of the room.

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This is the delicate end of the scale for me when it comes to grey + yellow, it's light, femanine and pretty. I like the strong pattern in the drape fabric and the great thatch wallpaper, tecturally very strong!
Couldn't help but throw this one in, Chevron + Grey + Yellow = one very cool kid!
This is one the greatest grey and yellow fabrics for me, it's a Robert Allen ikat, and the moire fabric on the ottoman, cute!
Floral yellow bedroom | Country bedroom decorating | Floral wallpaper | Housetohome
Again the pretty end of the spectrum. Love the repetition of the wallpaper onto the matching fabric for the scatters and the cute pillow top for the bed end ottoman.
This is the opposite end of the spectrum, charcoal and yellow, strong, powerful and great for a heavier interior especially back with the black.

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