June 26, 2012

When You Just Can't Decide, Patchwork is the Answer

Patchwork is certainly not up my [straight laced, matchy matchy, symmetrical] design alley but it does solve the problem of not being able to decide on what fabric you want to work with, an issue I often have!

Furniture retailer Jimmy Possum is recognised for their striking patchwork floorstock pieces, and recognised Australian furniture manufacturers such as Arthur G are also offering patchwork upholstery on their pieces. Done correctly, patchwork upholstery can look great, it can showcase stunning fabrics, appeal to a more bohemian salvaged interior scheme or be tonally complementing and a focal point of the interior.

It’s either a look you aim to achieve or a case of not having the budget for that new upholstery job and you’ve sewn together every piece of fabric you can find. What are your thoughts?

I love this image from Living Etc. The colour, the trim on the drape and the pooling on the floor, nearly sells the sofa for me!
Pinned Image
Not sure if it's the style of the sofa or the patchwork but I can't help but think of Alice in Wonderland?
Pinned Image
A very tonal approach to patchwork upholstery,almost palatable?
Think this suits the interior to a tee! Don't miss that wire cloud up there either, stunning!
Pinned Image
There is something about this one that I love, it may be the colour combination, the buttoning and the more applique look than patchwork, very cool!

Pinned Image
Very pretty, too much for me, but I do love this upholstering of the timberwork, nice detail.

Pinned Image
Looks like the most uncomfortable sofa in the world but a very classy approach to patchowrk upholstery dont you think?

 For more ideas on patchwork upholstery visit my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/technique-patchwork-upholstery/

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