June 21, 2012

The good side of Pink: Shocking

I probably would have fought this idea a decade or so back but I have come to the realisation that every girl truly does have a soft spot for pink. For some, any shade is fine but for me it has to be either end of the spectrum, a true, light, feminine baby pink or a super bright, hot, Shocking Pink!

At one point in time this tone would have shocked [hence the name, named after the pink lettering used on the Leonor Fini perfume ‘Shocking’ in 1937] and certainly now I still think it raises eyebrows but I think it’s for all the right reasons. A little or a lot of Shocking pink in your interior or even in your fashion shows a bold lust for life and seriously does it not make you smile?

A great pink colour combo, indigo blue + shocking pink

Real Living Magazine Cover 2012, Love this dyed, gradated quilt and that canvas, yes please!

This is hands down my favourite pink colour combo, works every time, shocking pink + tangerine. This is just too cute!
Just a little adds a punch!
Kelly Wearstler Interior, where was your eye drawn to straight away?

This interior image has a bit of a trick to it I think, first time you look you think the pink chaise is the statement in the sea of white then you look closely and the detail is fabulous! The graffiti artwork in the dining, the black piping around the footstool, the floral upholstered lounge, the deep buttoning, love it!
Now that looks fluffy and inviting!
Not crash on the gloss white woodwork but love the obvious tie to the rug.

When you start looking there are a million and one ways to incorporate a little Shocking Pink into your home and make a true statement! For more ideas visit my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/the-good-side-shockng-pink/

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