March 12, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Pattern 101 Ikat

Last week it was pipped at the post by Suzani but finally the time has come to explore one of today's most popular patterns, Ikat.

The term Ikat describes a dying technique used to pattern textiles by resist dying, a process similar to tie-dye. Like in tie-dye where bindings are placed around the fabric where dye is not required, Ikat uses the same process but on individual threads prior to weaving rather than on the finished piece as a whole. To get even more technical Ikat can be produced as a ‘Warp Ikat’, ‘Weft Ikat’ or ‘Double Ikat’. All fabrics are made up of a weft and a warp [the horizontal and the vertical thread used to weave fabrics] and each of these terms refers to the weft being dyed and the warp being left plain, the reversal or the use of both a dyed weft and warp thread.
The making of Schumacher Darya warp Ikat, printed warp and traditional hand woven.

An Indonesian term, Ikat is a widely used weaving style and common in many cultures across the world such as Argentina, Uzbekistan, India, Cambodia, Guatemala, and Japan. The weaving styles vary as do the motifs however due to the time and skill required to create Ikat, it is commonly perceived across cultures as a symbol of status, wealth and prestige. Today’s Ikat are predominantly printed rather than woven but still manage to evoke this feeling of prestige and individuality.

I love the colours used here and the balance of them. The upholstery is sensational, look at how the pattern is repeated in the same spot accross each of the cushions and runs beautifully from the top of the back to the bottom front.
This Ikat is amazing, as is this image! Colourful and pattern heavy yet balanced and unoffensive. 
Beautiful lavender Ikat occasional chairs. Interesting point of difference in having the base cushion plain rather than patterned.

This Ikat sofa is totally me! I love the neutral colour yet the bold pattern use still makes a statement.

Love the chairs and the colour, would have loved to have seen more of it throughout the room for the connection.

I love these chairs! What an amazing idea, I have never seen anything like it, I love it!

Beautful Lee Jofa Ikat

If you’re interested in more ways to incorporate Ikat into your life, check out my Pinterest board 

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