March 14, 2012

For all of you existing and expecting mothers

I have no children as yet and as you know from previous posts we have our close friends and my sister in-law expecting in the coming months, and it would seem that everyone else around us already has one if not two!

I secretly can’t wait to decorate a nursery, so, to fulfill my little need and appeal to you existing and expecting mothers I thought why don’t we have a look at what’s happening in the world of children’s fabrics?
It’s no longer gingham, spots and stripes and certainly not pink and blue!

Far Far Away III Snow White in Grey Blue by Heather Ross [avalable through]
Hokuo No Kodomo Alphabet in Blue [available through]

November Books It's a Small World in White [available through]

Pinocchio in Blue [available through]

Far Far Away II Sleeping Beauty in Yellow by Heather Ross [available through]
Designers Guild Around the World in Aqua

November Books Lace Stripe in Bone [available through]

Designers Guild Chalk Farm in Linen
Lovebirds Red & Blue on White [available through]

Far Far Away III Childs Play in Grey by Heather Ross [available through]

My absolute favourite and I mean hands-down favourite are the fabrics by author and artist Heather Ross from her Far Far Away Collections. I think I might just have to buy some and tuck it away! After all I would hate to miss out on it when it does actually come time to decorate a nursery.
To find out more on heather Ross visit her website

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