February 25, 2012

Deep Buttoning: Not just a leather thing.

Deep buttoning usually conjures images of the traditional gentleman’s leather chesterfield sofa, however deep buttoning isn’t just a leather thing and it doesn’t need to be all over!

Deep buttoning done well is a true testament of an upholsterer’s skill and generally isn’t cheap, but then again it’s not usually a detail considered in an average interior.  

Yet another detail I need to save up for, but I love it!

Gorgeous deep buttoned floral loveseat
Traditional linen Chesterfield [Chesterfield is used to describe a sofa where it is completely deep buttoned and the arms are at an equal height to the seat back]
Amazing Kelly Wearstler deep buttoned 'Kelly Green' velvet sofa
Beautiful royal blue velvet Chesterfield sofas. Love the use of studding to highlight the arm shape and that they are both different!

Traditional deep violet velvet Chesterfield
Great fabric selection to connect with the rug.

Traditional green velvet + traditional bed frame + contemporary bedlinen and furnishings = awesome!

If you’re interested in more ways to incorporate Deep Buttoning or Tufting into your decorating, check out my Pinterest board http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/deep-buttoning/

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