February 22, 2012

The closest I ever got to sleeping underneath a bed canopy

Mum will correct me if I am wrong on this one but I think I was about 13-14 when I was rewarded with my first grown up bedroom makeover. This bedroom makeover focused around the most gorgeous Sheridan fabric in navy blue with an almost paisly, morrocan pattern. Mum bought enough to sew me a quilted bedspread with pillow sham, bedside tablecloth, bean bag and the piece de resistance was the transformation of my standard bed frame into a timber four poster bed with canopy. That was my first and only canopy to date.

I know you're imagining something like the images below, maybe with a contrast lining in ivory and scolloped edge, but the reality of living in Queensland was that my gorgeous canopy was mosquito netting sewn to a roof panel of my matching fabric! Thinking back now though, that bedroom makeover was the closest I have ever come to date to having a coordinated, matching patterned formal bedroom, but most importantly - a bed canopy.

When you analyse this image closely there is just too much to love! The contrast piping on the bedhead canopy and drapes that ties to the ottoman & bolsters, the repeated pattern floral, the contrast with the check, the matelasse bed covers and the perfection in matching the green tones.

I do have a thing about centered beds, there must be a low headboard hidden there so the pillows don't fall off! Also love the ottoman bedside.

I love this royal blue but the little ornate mirror isn't doing it for me.

I love that these bed drapes are ceiling mounted, everything is stretched just that little bit further. Would have loved to have seen it with a canopy though just so the eye knew where to stop.
This is perfection, no further words are needed.

I love this but it does make me think about barber shop poles and I am so curious to know why they have large white shirts framed?

Love the jigsaw edging on the canopy.
I love so much of this, especially the mass of fabric in the drapes but being the nit picky person that I am would have loved all the off whites to match.
Love, love, love............everything!
Tab top curtains add a touch of casual, not sure about the drapes behind the bed especially when pulled to the side?

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