November 13, 2012

On to the next venture!

I have been so lazy!

I stopped posting a little while ago, okay a long while ago and I just thought no one would notice. I logged on tonight out of interest to see what was happening and was greeted with 10,000 views! My god that is brilliant, but now I feel horrible that I haven't updated or at least told you what I am doing now.

Bobbin Scissors Thread has moved to the backburner and my new venture Pack A Perfect Party is where it’s at! Pack A Perfect Party is a unique and personalised party styling business focused on creating the perfect party. Blogging is hard work [hence the laziness] so this new venture won’t have a blog attached but it does have a Facebook & Pinterest Page and a soon to be launched website so if you are interested have a look, you can search Pack A Perfect Party under both and I will pop up!


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