August 5, 2012

Monday's Lesson 101: Flamestitch/Bargello

Okay so I said I was back and then I disappear for a week or so but this Lesson 101 will make you forgive me!
Bargello or Flamestitch as it is also known got its name from a specific type of needlepoint embroidery found on occasional chairs in the Bargello Palace in Florence.  Traditionally stitched wool on canvas, Bargello is like Kilim in that it is an incredibly durable and suitable for upholstery and decorative pieces and even carpets!
Think Missoni, almost like a Chevron but more jagered, Flamestitch is traditionally colorful, often with multiple tones of the one colour. The pattern is formed by staggered vertical stitches in a particularly mathematical pattern of counting squares, very tricky!
A unique and striking pattern, Flamestitch can add an interesting flare into your interiors.
Traditional Flamestitch cushions, great examples of the different stitch techniques.
Very cute, aqua, mustard flamestitch loveseat.

Not in love with this sofa in this room but it is a great example of Flamestitch!

My absolute favourite! Not a traditional Flamestitch but a great printed interpretation, particualry with that velvet bedhead!

Such an intreguing room, I wish I knew more about this image. I love how muted the palette is and yet the strong patterns and finishes.

Great monochrome Flamestitch cushions.

Strong, very Missoni colour palette Flamestitch.
I may have used this image just recently in my Coral post but I do love this Flamestitch carpet!

This is a great image, little pagoda sittting rooms, with Flamestitch throws!
For more examples of Flamestich/Bargello in interiors visit my Pinterest page

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