June 11, 2012

A little birdy told me....

Have we always liked birds? I don’t know what has happened, maybe it’s like when you buy a particular car and then you see that car everywhere, maybe I have gotten on the bird bandwagon and now I see them everywhere? I don’t know, I have loved birds for ages but I don’t think I have ever noticed as many fabrics on the market featuring these beautiful little creatures as I do now. Maybe it’s their beautiful colour spectrum that we are drawn to or maybe it’s that flighty ‘I can fly away anytime I like’ thing that draws us to them. Either way birds are featured on textiles in every colour spectrum and in just about every species and add an elegant, whimsical touch to interiors.

You already know I am a sucker for a matching wallpaper and fabric, isn't this colour punch spectacular! And the gorgeous birds a little surprise for the one who takes a closer look.

Michael Miller Fabric, Design Wing Song - stunning colour!

Katie Leede Interior
Nina Campbell Perroquet

Stunning detail in the Robert Allen Etched Aviary

Thibaut matched upholstery and wallpaper. This has me thinking, do I love the bird or the birdcage more?
Dining Chairs featuring Robert Allen Vintage Plumes fabric.

Michael Miller Wing Study
Nina Campbell Paradiso

Zoffany, chinoiserie inspired bird print on silk drape - stunning with the duck egg upholstery!

For more ideas on how to incorporate birds or birdcage embellished fabrics and wallpapers into your home, check out my Pinterest page http://pinterest.com/bobbinscissors/style-a-little-birdy/

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