March 21, 2012

My 1000 Page Visit Reward Present

As you know last week Bobbin Scissors Thread saw its first 1000 views cross the line and I promised myself a present as reward. Well I am checking in this week to let you know the decision has been made! Well multiple decisions have been made…… I not only found my present for the first 1000 but also the first 2000 and 3000. I did manage to control myself slightly and my 3000 page visit present is still in the shop but I have given myself my 2000 page visit present in advance, so if you want to help me out and not make me wait forever to really earn it keep checking back in regularly!
Okay so present number 1, the most sensational fabric. I have had my eye on this for so long and now it's finally sitting in my lounge room.  Mosaico in Green/Blue available through Releman & Son

I have it just draped across the ottoman at the moment but I think it is telling me it wants to be a throw blanket, will keep you posted. I love the Chinoiserie influence in the pattern and the mixture of Petrol blue and Kelly green, it connects to my charcoal blue wall and green accent pieces. All I need now is perhaps one more Kelly Green cushion in the mix and maybe a faux fur to back the throw with. 

Present number 2, is an amazing handmade African tribal shell necklace on stand purchased at Affordable Decorators . I love the little yellow pop it has and I am a sucker for anything tribal/African.

And this is how it all works in my lounge room [I am a horendous photographer!]. Still a little more work to do but I think my two new presents are at home. Thank you for helping me earn them!

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