March 5, 2012

Monday's Lesson: Pattern 101 Suzani

The weeks have gone by and each Monday I think ‘this is the week to write about Ikat’ and then I think of something more important to write about. Now finally Monday rolls around and I could educate you all on Ikat, but guess what, after much deliberation I think we should start with Suzani; it's so NOW! (I find it funny to write that, I would never say ‘It’s so NOW’).
I say it is a NOW pattern but Suzanis have been around since the 15th century. The term 'Suzani' translates to 'needle' and refers to the heavy needlework embroidery. An interesting technique used in creating Suzanis is couching - where thread is laid down on the fabric and then stitched in place using another to create a raised line.

Traditionally made by brides in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other central Asian countries as part of their dowry, the Suzani was presented to the groom on their wedding day. Made from cotton or silk and embroidered in the same thread, Suzanis are colourful and often depict sun and moon discs, flowers, leaves, fruits and occasionally fish and birds. 

Amazing scale Suzani print occasional chairs. Love the layout of the room.

Suzani print tablecloth.
Suburban Home Alfred Shaheen Indigo Printed Suzani.

Martin Lawrence-Bullard traditional embroidered Suzani headboard.

Beautiful small scale printed Suzani wingback chairs, the upholstery is perfection! Look at how the pattern repeat is identical on both chairs.

Robert Allen Medallion Band Colour Toffee.

Traditional embroidered Suzani bedspread.
Kathryn Ireland Interior.

If you’re interested in more ways to incorporate Suzani or even Mexican Suzani into your decorating, check out my Pinterest board


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  2. Your blog about "Pattern 101 Suzani" is really informative. There have many information of Suzani which was unknown to me. All of us seem to should know about this significance as it is our ancient tradition. I believe that Suzani print tablecloth and Martin Lawrence-Bullard traditional embroidered Suzani headboard can increase the smartness of any living room.


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