March 29, 2012

Banquet Seating [preferably not the vinyl type]

You know that feeling when you walk into a café/restaurant, notice they have banquet seated tables, go ‘yippee’ inside and make a dash for the one free and then fight your date for the bench seat rather than the chair? Well today it happened in Nandos of all places. All I wanted was to sit, slouch, and relax for five while I had lunch on the run, I made a beeline for a six seater table with banquet on one side and chairs on the other and enjoyed my little lonesome lunch.
Lunch got me thinking that although the vinyl wouldn't be my first choice I do love how relaxed and comfortable a bench seat makes dining feel and how inviting they are when you picture your friends and family all seated around. To me they evoke a relaxed, comfortable, long lunch feel, it’s not meant to be a quick stop! I think today cemented it, come kitchen/dining remodelling time I may just have to build one into the plan.
This is superb! A very refined approach to banquet seating. Love the studding and buttoning detail. Would love to see how they have made this work into the kitchen island behind.

This here would be the waste of a day for me, curled up, sconce light on, good book, coffee, biscuit and a throw rug please. I love that it's not meant for dining but rather a reading nook.

Perfect solution for the family beach house, would work brilliantly in Indoor/Outdoor fabric, wet bums are no problem!

This would have to be one of the best uses of a small space, that looks like dining for 6-7.

Gorgeous reading nook, love the contrast piping, just adds extra accent to the unusual shape.

I love the continuation of the cabinetry, great storage idea!

I love the colour in this image, it's not necessarily my taste but I love how all the different pieces, patterns and colours come together to create a very refined style.
A different take on the banquet, set extra high with a bar table for a relaxed entertaining area.

Not true banquet seating but rather loveseat sofas used to create the same look and I love it!

For more ideas on how you can build banquet seating into your interior, check out my Pinterest board

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