February 28, 2012

A little farewell gift to Denise & Marlene

Tonight’s post is a little farewell ‘gift post’ for my good friend McCall’s mum and grandma who tonight return back to the states after too short a visit.
The below pieces were created by Suzie Stanford http://www.suziestanford.com.au/index.htm, a Melbourne based artist. The unique point of difference is that they are upholstered using pieced together vintage linen tea towels.  
If by chance you have inherited a gorgeous collection of vintage tea towels maybe this is a great idea to put them to use? Keep in mind it will be a testament to your upholsterer! And if you haven’t inherited any and love the idea, well, good luck finding vintage tea towels – it’s not easy!

So what do you think Denise & Marlene? Will we put one on order for you so you have a little reminder of your holiday everyday back home?


  1. Love, love, love them!!! I'm pretty sure they would look great in my house!! :) You are the best!!! Can't wait till you come to CA!

    1. Guess what you are my first official comment! [thank you]

      See this is how you comment folks, get on the band wagon!


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